You Need Different Dog Food As Your Dog Ages

Just like people, dogs will require various diet plans at different ages. The puppy requires milk as the significant food item while an adult dog may require beef or chicken in addition to the boiled egg and milk.  It’s wrong to think that there is a type of dog food that will be the right choice for dog during its entire life.

Puppies require higher amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates than an adult dog. In addition, puppies need more regular feeding schedules in a day, unlike an adult dog.  Gaining weight is important for a puppy but can become a health issue for an older dog. The movement based requirements of diet plan are more when it comes to pups, because they are typically more active than the adult pets.  In other words, puppies will burn more calories than an older dog because they are so much more active.

Senior pets require restricted protein, however the protein requires to be quickly digestible and quickly absorbed in the body. The diet plan schedule should have adequate supply of water for them. Feeding aged dogs too much protein might finally cause over problem to the renal structures and ultimately, the pet may end up destructive filters in the kidney.

This holds true especially when the body immune system of these canines is compromised due to numerous factors. The elderly dogs require less food only since the motions of the adult dogs are extremely restricted and thus, they have to invest a limited of energy.

Pay Close Attention To Female Dog’s Diets

Female canines in the pregnancy stage need not be fed a complete stomach given that it might cause some discomforts to the animal. The pregnant animal and the nursing animal require special type of food products that deliver a well balanced type of nutrition with proper supplements of minerals and vitamins.

The nursing animal with young puppies require to be fed with sufficient quantities of calcium and for this reason, there will not be any calcium based deficiency and the bones of the pups will be strong with no calcium deficiency issues.

Common sense says that you should always consult with your vet before you make any changes in the type of food that you will serve your dog.  While every dog foo will claim to be natural and good for your pet, each dog’s needs will change as they age.  Choosing the best food for a dog of a certain age is a key part of being a good pet owner.



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