The Basics Of Cat Care

As a pet owner, and the proud owner of a new kitten, it’s now time to learn the basics of cat care. While they seem aloof, cats do rely on us for their care.

You will learn basic cat care when you bring home your cat. Most people assume that cats are easy to care for and do not require special attention. This is a false assumption. Although cats can be as hard to look after as dogs, there are ways you can make their lives easier and yours more enjoyable.

Good Cat Care Is Job #1

Keep your cat’s home clean is one of the most important aspects of basic cat care. If your cat has nothing to do other than mark their territory and scratch it, they won’t thrive. This will solve a lot of problems. Regularly trimming your cat’s nails is important for their claw health. A good tool to use is a clipper.

A lot of people forget to account the fact that cats spend a lot of their time outside of the home when they think about basic cat care. While you may be very attached to your cat, it is important that you understand that cats require exercise daily to keep them healthy.   This is especially important when it comes to raising kittens.  You can help your cat by making sure the space you have for him is big enough. Cats love to play and get fresh air. The cat will search for another place to run if their outdoor space is too small.

Raising Healthy Cats

Fresh drinking water is another essential part of basic cat care. Cats can be finicky and won’t drink any water provided to them. You must ensure that your water bowl is always filled with clean, fresh water. You can either place the water bowl in the cat bed, or in your main living space. A fresh dish of cat food should be placed near the water bowl. Fresh food gives your cat the nutrition they need.

Your Cat Will Need You To Watch Over Them

Many people do not realize the importance of basic cat care. Cats have an instinctive urge to mark their territory. It is important to teach your cat how to use the litter box properly. They should use the litter box every day as kittens. As they age, they will also want to mark their territory naturally. It is possible to teach them how to properly use a litter box.

Keep the surrounding area clean and free of fleas. There are many flea types and cats could get severe cases if they aren’t treated. Fleas should be treated as a basic need. If your cat is not treated and your home becomes infested by fleas, it could become an intestinal parasitic infection.

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