Some Tips For Raising Kittens

Raising kittens is job number one for new pet owners. While your kitten is adorable, you do need to provide them with healthy food and a safe environment.

The Essentials of Raising Kittens

Raising kittens can prove to be an enjoyable experience, but it also requires a lot work. It is not enough to ensure that the kittens are physically and emotionally healthy. The challenge of raising kittens is not just about making sure they are fed healthy and natural cat food. It also involves making sure that they can become independent and happy in a small group of people who care for and feed them. When it comes to these delicate creatures it is critical to give them the best start possible.

Kittens don’t have the natural urge to hunt and explore. This means you’ll need to find ways to get your kittens to search for things to hunt or investigate. Begin raising kittens by giving them a litter box and feeding them regular meals. They will soon be comfortable eating on their own. You can keep your kittens’ food in a Tupperware box or tray so they don’t get hungry. As kittens are likely to eat whatever is in their reach, this can pose a problem for hygiene.

The kittens should be fed hand-fed for three weeks. They can then be introduced to food from a bowl or a dish under a litter box. This is an important part to your kitten care routine. They will soon become more comfortable with human contact, and begin to be able to choose their own food. If they do decide to eat something you are offering, take it off their hands immediately. After that, gently wipe the food out of their mouths and give it back. When kittens start to seek food out, this is something you don’t want.

How To Raise Happy Kittens

When Should You Potty Train A Kitten?

After your kittens reach eight weeks of age, you can begin to potty train them. Make sure they understand that going outside is okay and that they will only be fed from a bowl or bottle. It is crucial to get them used to going outside. Your kittens will not be ready for a litter box yet. It will take them around four to six months before they will be ready. It is possible that your kittens will not be able to use the litter if they are too young.

Introduce your cat to small animals. These animals are good for small rodents. They also keep their urine diluted which makes it less likely that they will mark the territory. If you want to raise kittens, ensure that they don’t mark their territory. However, you can train them to keep it clean. This can be accomplished with newspaper, which is easy to pick up and roll over. This will make it easier for them to move around the house. But, you might need to buy some plastic storage boxes to stop their urine stains your home.

After three months, it is possible to introduce another animal, such as a ferret, or a German shepherd, into the home. Before raising kittens as house cats, make sure they know that they are not part of your household yet. You will still need care for them. It will help them to not fight and not become hostile towards other animals. If your kittens fight, get them disciplined right away, because they could be developing fighting skills.

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