Raising A Healthy Cat

Having a cat as a pet can be a real joy in your life, but it does mean that you have a responsibility to take care of your cat.   Keeping your cat safe and healthy requires paying attention to their diet as well as their appearance.

When examining your pet, you might be able to see the dead giveaways if it is either too thin or too heavy. They may be too thin if the ribs are obviously noticeable on your short haired cat. The ribs may show or you may have the ability to feel it on a thick haired feline with apparently no palpable fat anywhere. You might also observe some minor abdominal tuck along with no noticeable fat on your family pet.

A feline that is too heavy might have their ribs not quickly obvious that may be covered by excess fat. If you observe your cat, you may notice that it may not have a visible waist that has become rounded with excess fat. Your cat would appear rounded with the prominent stomach fat as well as with fat deposits over the back area. This would be among the indications that your feline may be obese.

A Healthy and Happy Cat

One of the options to problems worrying your pet feline’s weight would be the proper feeding program that you cat goes through. It is important that, as a family pet owner, you will understand the right percentage of food to provide to your family pet cat. At different points of their life, your family pet cat would need various dietary needs and therefore a different feeding program.

Kittens Need Different Care And Diet

You ought to know that they need twice as much energy per pound of their body weight as compared to a mature cat when you have a pet kitten. Kitties need to be weaned for about the first 6 to eight weeks of their life and then they can be provided a routine diet composed of a well balanced cat food that will guarantee appropriate development. Kittens should be fed three top 4 times a day with a source of clean water always offered for them at all times. This program is to help provide the feline’s dietary requirements throughout its rapid growth.

After seven months to one year, you may now require to bring down feeding your feline to just twice a day. Your vet can assess and would be able to supply you with the ideal diet plan to supply for your animal feline.

Happy Kittens

When you have an adult feline that go through simply the typical day to day activity, diet plan wold be to preserve that type of feline lifestyle. At this time, a feline food that is healthy for maintenance of felines in all life phases might currently be used. Be likewise aware that felines are occasional eaters.

They do not seem to finish up their food at simply one sitting. You might observe them to consume a bit of the food you serve but never seem to complete them. When they feel like it, they normally attempt to consume at various times of the day.

For this reason, you might require to provide all-day access to food for your cat in addition to a clean source of water system.  You don’t want to over feed your pet, but you want to make sure they have food and water at hand when they need it.

What food should you feed your cat?  Is dry food better than wet foods?  How much should my cat actually weigh?  These are issues that you need to research, and the best source of info will probably be the vet who regularly treats your cat.  Follow their advice and adapt it to your ideas and you should have a well-fed, healthy and happy cat.

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