Have Fun With Cat Collars

Should your cat wear a collar? Most vets recommend collars for cats for a variety of reasons. You can attach an ID tag to the collar in case your cat get lost.  You want to take care of your cat and a collar can be a simple way of doing just that.

Cat collars, leads and harnesses are easy means to keep your cat safely contained. The traditional most common combination includes a harness with ID tag and a leash. This is usually the cheapest and easiest way to ensure that your outdoor or indoor cat gets back home after he becomes lost. As well as providing you with a measure of control over where your cat goes, it also allows you to check in on him more regularly, allowing you to locate him more easily should he go missing. All these advantages translate into increased peace of mind for you, your pet and other members of the family.

Coastal Pet Products CCP7721BLU Li'l Pals Elasticized Reflective Adjustable Kitten Safety Collar with Bells, Blue
  • Elasticized kitten safety collar with bells offer the perfect solution to train a cat when it is kitten
  • An extra narrow width and expandable elasticized braid provide just the right fit for tiny kitties
  • Reflective threads are interwoven into elasticized material for safety at night
  • Completely adjustable to fit any size cat up to 8-inch
  • Available in blue reflective color; measures 5/16-inch width

However, these days the range of cat collars and leads on the market has grown significantly. With an ever growing number of pet owners, there has been an increasing number of people buying dog collar and leashes, and cat collars in particular. Whilst it is always best practice to choose a collar that suits your pet the best, there are many different designs available on the pet products market – both online and offline. Therefore, before you purchase a collar or lead, you should consider which ones you really need and buy them accordingly. Some of the more popular choices include flat buckle collar/leash, slip collar/leash, prong collar/leash and no-pull harness.

Cat collars and leashes come in a range of different sizes, so you can choose a size that is right for your cat. Some of the most common and popular cat collars and leashes include flat buckle, slip collar, prong collar, no-pull harness. To keep in mind, whether you are purchasing a collar or a leash, make sure you buy one that fits securely around your cat’s neck. When fitting a cat harness, be sure you choose one that fits securely around your cat’s neck because loose harnesses and collars can easily snap and become extremely uncomfortable, possibly even dangerous.

Coastal - Safe Cat - Glow in The Dark Adjustable Breakaway Collar, Glowing Orange Flower, 3/8" x 08"-12"
  • Improved nighttime visibility with glow-in-the-dark material.
  • Maximum safety with pivoting breakaway buckle
  • Adjustable sizing from 8-12" for a secure fit.
  • Fun patterned designs that adjust to lighting.
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor cats.

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