Finding The Right Cat Toy

Finding The Right Cat Toy

Cats may be finicky, but they do love their toys! There is a huge array of toys available for cats, sometimes you have to try quite a few to find the one that they really like.  Cat toys come in all shapes and sizes. Some cats will only play with certain toys. But it is always important that you always have cat toys made especially for cats. There are just so many household things that cats enjoy, but some, like rubber bands, can be extremely dangerous for your cat if ingested.

Always Make Sure That The Toy Is Safe For Your Pet

When you’re looking around for cat toys you have to make sure they are safe and will not be harmful for your cat. This is why cardboard boxes are never included in the list of top cat toys. The reason being that cardboard boxes and other cardboard products are actually harmful to cats simply because they trap their urine inside of them. Because cats are completely capable of preventing themselves from urine building up inside of a box, they do not want to use them.

Moving Fish Cat Toy

But you don’t have to stop with just one type of cat toy. Most cats prefer playing with soft cat toys. When selecting these types of cat toys its always a good idea to select ones that contain small pieces rather than large ones. If a cat has a piece larger than its mouth it can swallow that whole thing and die. If you’re unsure whether a particular product is too big for your cat then you should always check with the manufacturer or veterinarian.  Your pet’s safety should be your number one concern.

One of the most popular cat toys is a Styrofoam cat tree. These cat trees are great at attracting your cat’s attention. They have a large surface area and are easy to move around. The great thing about these cat trees is that they are also a great way to play with your cat. You can climb the tree with your cat and give it climbing exercises as well. Because these cat toys are made from Styrofoam they can be very durable and last for many years.

Be Careful, Some Cat Toys May Be Dangerous

Some cat toys can actually harm your cat, so you should always remember to read the label carefully before purchasing the toy. A few of the most common dangerous cat toys are ones that have lead in them. The lead can get into the animal’s digestive track and slowly poison it over time. Because cats are such intelligent creatures, there is no way of telling if a toy is dangerous until someone suffers an accident.

There are also several items that you should not allow your cat to chew on. They include anything with sharp edges on it. As the old saying goes “a sharp sword is better than a sharp mind”. Be sure to keep any sharp objects out of your cat’s reach. This includes combs, hair brushes, and anything with hairs on it. Although cats love to have a bath with these things it is just not a safe activity for them.

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