Feeding A Finicky Cat

As all cat owners understand, a feline can be a terrific addition to any family. One of the really important aspects of feline ownership is proper health care for the cat. Healthcare for a feline includes a wide range of vaccine shots, flea security, vet check outs, medications, and even proper exercise.

The most important aspect of cat health is far too often overlooked. People invest hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars over the lifetime of a feline to keep it healthy, but many cat owners don’t pay nearly adequate attention to the appropriate feline food.  The ideal cat food is definitely important to a healthy, happy cat.

Choosing The Best Cat Food

What is the best type of cat food for your pet? While all cats will have slightly different nutritional requirements, there are some general rules that must be thought about when looking for cat food.  Keep in mind, cats (like their human owners) need a high quality diet plan.

This indicates the very best kinds of protein, fats, carbohydrates, and the less preservatives and chemical additives, the much better. Most of the research available online does not compare specific brands of cat food, as much as specific active ingredients to feed your feline, and which to stay away from!

Felines need a high protein diet. Wild cats are really meat-eating, and cats derive a lot of their dietary requirements from protein. House cats, while not wild, still have many of the same nutritional requirements as their wild feline forefathers. So, the most crucial ingredient in any cat food is protein.

Carbohydrates are also a fundamental part of a felines diet, though not as important as protein. Felines really must derive the majority of their nutritional requirements from protein, so feline foods that are high in carbohydrates might not always be the best for them.

Choosing The Right Cat Food

Remarkably enough, a number of the premium brands of feline food, such as Eukanuba and Innova offer precisely what many cats require, and aren’t necessarily more pricey in the long run. Because high end cat foods need a smaller serving amount than the low end feline foods to give a cat all the nutrients they require to be pleased and healthy, this is.

When comparing a premium brand name such as Eukanuba, to a lower cost brand such as Purina, the cost difference for the suggested serving size is only a nickel a day. Because a feline will consume less of the high end feline food, their waste will be decreased. This can reduce the frequency of litter replacement and litter box associated chores.


Another element of feline food to be considered is the quality of the protein in the food. Because of the method lots of pet food companies describe the meat in the food, it can be tough to find out precisely what the difference between “chicken seasoned”, and “chicken supper” is.

Food that contains “chicken meal” can only be made from the skin, flesh, and bones only. This is truly the very best kind of protein for a cat.

Food that has “meat byproducts” can include nearly any animal parts, and are of lower quality than “chicken meal”. Food that is “chicken flavored” only needs to taste like chicken, however might not include any animal meat at all. Chicken is usually better than beef for cats.

Avoid Preservatives In Your Cat’s Food

It goes without saying, preservatives, as well as artificial colors, ought to be avoided whenever possible. Particular research is lacking on this topic, we do know that artificial colors and preservatives can have an unfavorable impact on human health. It is just logical that cats will likewise be negatively impacted by synthetic colors and preservatives in their cat food.

Cats have a reputation for being finicky eaters, and at times that can be true.  However, working with your vet, you should be able to find a healthy cat food that your cat will enjoy.  Their needs will change as they get older but they rely on you to find the best food for them.

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