Choosing A Cat Tree

Amolife 68 Inch Multi Level Cat Tree

If your cat has enough space, then you should get a cat tree. It is the perfect place for your cat to go to rest, play and even sleep. A cat tree would be a great investment for any house as it is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and can keep your cat healthy and safe. There are many types of cat trees available in the market today, each with their own unique purpose and features. Here are some things to consider when choosing a cat tree:

Size Matters When It Comes To Cat Trees

Size: There are different size options available in the market today. There are small, medium and larger cat trees available in varying heights. The most common size of cat trees is the smaller ones that measure two feet wide and four feet tall. These days, there are cat trees available that come with multiple scratching posts built right into them. This allows your cat more space to stretch out and perform what it wants – scratching posts come in different heights to accommodate your pet.

Cat Tree Tower Condo

Material: You can choose from a variety of materials like wood and metal. Metal cat trees are typically lightweight and portable, while wooden cat trees are heavier and require more storage space. If you are looking for something that is more permanent, you can choose from a variety of cat trees that use traditional methods to build them like a tower. Traditional cat trees have platforms at the top where the cat climbs up and uses its claws to climb up and down. These cat trees typically require more maintenance as they tend to get destroyed when exposed to rain and snow. If you are planning to use a cat tower, make sure to purchase cat trees made from weatherproof material.

Height: You can choose between various cat trees with different levels of heights. This means you could have a small scratching post and cat tree that’s the same height as your furniture table. Or, you could choose a cat tree with higher platforms so your pets can climb up and use their claws on different objects from toys to furniture to walls. Consider how comfortable your pets are with high platforms for them to climb on and also consider their activity level to see whether they’d be able to reach the top level.

Cat Trees Serve Many Purposes

Function: Aside from visual purposes, you should also consider how functional the cat tree is. It should provide your cats with a place to scratch when they want to scratch or use their claws for climbing on and other activities. Consider whether you need a platform for your cat tree to climb on or if the furniture on your furniture table would work better. Make sure that it can support your furniture and other accessories on top of it to ensure maximum functionality.


Cleaning and Maintenance: Cat trees don’t require a lot of cleaning and maintenance. Most of them are easily cleanable using a feather duster or dusting with a vacuum cleaner. You should also remove any debris or loose fur from the carpet underneath the cat tree to keep your carpet clean. You can wipe it down often to make it look as good as new.

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